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ANSI and ASTM Standards Statement
Many of our new customers ask if our products are legal for use in the US workplace.  Federal regulations (Federal Register / Vol. 59, No. 66 / Wednesday, April 6, 1994) state that protective footwear shall comply with ANSI Z41 1991 standards (covers 1999 update) OR shall be demonstrated by employer to be equally effective.

All Ellwood Safety foot guards are tested using ANSI Z41-1999 and ASTM-F2413-05 testing methods for impact, compression, and metatarsal protection, and pass with a large safety factor built in.  Ellwood Safety toe guards are tested using ANSI-Z41-1999 and ASTM-F2413-05 Standards for impact and compression, and pass with a large safety factor built in. Our foot and toe guards are shipped with a tag on the inside of the guard stating “Product provides protection equal to ANSI Z41-1999 and ASTM-F2413-05 Standards.”

Many customers also ask if our guards are accepted by OSHA. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration does recognize our product as acceptable for use in the US workplace. Please go to www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3077/osha 3077.html . This OSHA pamphlet covering personal protective equipment states that “aluminum alloy, fiberglass, or galvanized steel foot guards can be worn over usual work shoes.

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